Highest Quality Hair Products

We take high quality & organic hair products seriously. Habibi’s Hair Salon uses only the best hair care products that keep your hair healthy and beautiful.


EVOLVh specializes in high performance luxury organic hair products. The leader in organic and natural hair care, for the healthiest hair you can have.

Why we love evolvh

  • ‘h’ is for healthy ingredients, and high performance – EVOLVh products are made using 90% or higher organic ingredients.

Keratin Complex

Keratin is an essential hair protein that delivers incredible benefits and amazing smoothing effect.

why we love keratin complex

  • The Color Therapy product line allows us to deliver beautiful, healthy looking hair color to all our clients.

Original Sprout

Consumers, Stylists, and Parents trust Original Sprouts superior performance & worry-free ingredients.

why we love original sprout

  • Founder, Inga Tritt, is committed to delivering family friendly, soothing ingredients.


Pureology provides fantastic sulfate-free hair care designed to protect color-treated hair.

why we love pureology

  • Our hair coloring clients love how Pureology works with their color-treated hair.